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Ansmann 2500mAh AA Battery

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Watt Hours


Best measured milliamp Hours


Number Of Photos

557 Photographs *

* Use this figure to compare batteries - this does not represent the number of photographs you should expect to get in your camera!

Measured milliamp Hours after 100 charge cycles

2398.31mAh (99.3% of Best)
Our Comments (Battery Review & Test 37)

The Ansmann 2500mAh AA battery is one of the best performing AA batteries we have tested to date and after 100 charge cycles it still has 99.3% of the best capacity recorded.

The battery did have a little glitch at 68 & 85 charge cycles but it recovered completely, so this may have just been a problem with the test rig, but even if it was an issue with the battery it's probably nothing to worry about.

The Cycle Capacity graph also demonstrates the settling process of new batteries as the first charge cycle only produced a capacity of 307mAh

Our Verdict

One of the best batteries, but with a premium price tag.

Volt Drop Curve After 5 Charge Cycles

Ansmann 2500mAh AA Battery Volt Drop Curve

Charge Cycle Capacity Chart
Ansmann 2500mAh AA Battery Cycle Capacity Chart

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