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Fameart 2300mAh AA Battery

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Watt Hours


Best measured milliamp Hours


Number Of Photos

504 Photographs *

* Use this figure to compare batteries - this does not represent the number of photographs you should expect to get in your camera!

Measured milliamp Hours after 100 charge cycles

1706.87mAh (75.5% of Best)
Our Comments (Battery Review & Test 14/19)

The Fameart 2300mAh AA battery is a battery with good initial performance but after 100 charge cycles the capacity has dropped to 75.5% of the best capacity recorded. This is not very good for long term performance, but it is worth remembering that even after 100 charge cycles, this is still a higher capacity than a 1800mAh battery.

You should also remember that 100 charge cycles is about 2 year of use if you charge them once per week.

Our Verdict

The Fameart 2300mAh AA battery should be fine for the normal user who perhaps uses their camera once per week, but is not the best option for the professional who is charging the batteries daily.

Volt Drop Curve After 5 Charge Cycles

Fameart 2300 AA Volt Drop Curve

Charge Cycle Capacity Chart
Fameart 2300 AA Cycle Capacity

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