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Hahnel 2350mAh AA Battery

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Watt Hours


Best measured milliamp Hours


Number Of Photos

504 Photographs *

* Use this figure to compare batteries - this does not represent the number of photographs you should expect to get in your camera!

Measured milliamp Hours after 100 charge cycles

1396.12mAh (68.0% of Best)
Our Comments (Battery Review & Test 13/27)

The Hahnel 2350mAh AA battery does not perform well in our tests, giving quite a low capacity and a very unstable cycle life chart, that shows it fading to only about 1400mAh after 100 charge cycles.

Our Verdict

There are much better performing batteries available for the money.

Volt Drop Curve After 5 Charge Cycles

Hahnel 2350mAh AA Volt Drop Curve

Charge Cycle Capacity Chart
Hahnel 2350 AA Cycle Capacity

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