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Uniross 2300mAh AA Battery

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Watt Hours


Best measured milliamp Hours


Number Of Photos

492 Photographs *

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Measured milliamp Hours after 100 charge cycles

162.90mAh (9.1% of Best)
Our Comments (Battery Review & Test 15/17/28)

The Uniross 2300mAh AA battery concerned us when we first tested it, the results were so poor we thought there was a problem with the test equipment, but having tested a number of other batteries and re-tested another Uniross 2300, we decided that the battery really didn't perform well. An initial capacity of just 1795mAh is very poor, but even more concerning was the long term results, with just 1000mAh capacity being measured after 80 charge cycles and an apparent total collapse after 93.

Our Verdict

Very poor performance both in absolute capacity and cycle life.

Volt Drop Curve After 5 Charge Cycles

Uniross 2300mAh AA Volt Drop Curve

Charge Cycle Capacity Chart
Uniross 2300 AA Cycle Capacity

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