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Powerex Wizard One MAHA C9000 Battery Analyser

If you fancy testing batteries yourself, then you can do so without breaking the bank.

Tantronics (one of our sponsors) sell a battery analyser tester called the Powerex Wizard One, also know as the MAHA C9000, for less than £50.00.

This is a great piece of kit for the money, can test and analyse up to 4 AAA & AA batteries at a time in 4 independent channels and has programmable charge and discharge rates.

The main modes available are:

Charge Mode

  • Refresh & Analyse (Analyze) Mode
  • Break-In Mode
  • Discharge Mode
  • Cycle Mode

Each mode allows you to set the Charge or Discharge rate (except the Break-In) in 100mA increments up to 2A for charging and 1A for discharging.


So a great piece of kit and if you have an interest in knowing how YOUR batteries perform, then it's a great buy.

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