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UBA4 - The Ultimate Battery Analyser The Ultimate Battery Analyser (UBA4) from Vencon Technologies Inc in Canada is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows us to charge and discharge a wide range of batteries using simple to use routines designed on the computer. The software it comes with is easy to use and hugely versatile, allowing us to define very complex charge and discharge routines with nested loops and all sorts of other clever things.

All the data produced is collated into a file in a format that makes it very easy to import into a spreadsheet to allow further analysis.

If you are interested in buying one, and don't want to go through the process of importing it yourself, let us know and we can probably get one for you, they are not hugely expensive, but there are a few options, so have a look at their site first. They also have some very good technical documents that are worth a read.

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